Harry and Meghan Can't Get Out of Questioning in Samantha Markle's 'Absurd' Lawsuit

Harry and Meghan Can’t Get Out of Questioning in Samantha Markle’s ‘Absurd’ Lawsuit

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One thing about Samantha Markle? When it comes to his half-sister and his “redhead husband,aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, she WILL be a – seemingly eternal – royal pain in their asses.

In 2021, the eldest Markle, with whom Meghan shares father Thomas, sued the couple for defamation in response to the couple’s encounter with Oprah Winfrey. In the $75,000 lawsuit, Markle claimed her younger half-sister and brother-in-law made “patently false and malicious statements” to a “global audience.” The court filing also alleged that Meghan “published and disseminated false and malicious statements” about her in find freedoma 2020 book written by royal biographers with input from Meghan.

NOW, the Sussexes were dropped off in separate interviews. Previously, Meghan sought to avoid testifying, but Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell denied her request, ruling that it “does not show that unusual circumstances justify the requested stay, or that any prejudice or undue burden will result if the Court does not impose a stay.”

“[Meghan] does not meet the high standard required to suspend discovery pending resolution of a decisive motion,” added Honeywell.

Although the Duke and Duchess have yet to comment on the deposition, they have previously called the lawsuit “baseless” and “absurd”.

“We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves,” Markle’s attorney says TMZ Last year.

Among the specific statements the elder Markle took issue with, according to the suit: Meghan’s identification of herself as an only child; that the last time the half-sisters saw each other was more than ten years ago; and that her half-sister’s “rag-to-rich” account was inaccurate since their father made sure she attended “elite and expensive private schools”. She was also offended by Markle’s characterization as a “high school dropout” and a mother of three “by different fathers,” in leaked emails.

In March 2022, Meghan’s estranged father said he was ready to testify in the case against her youngest daughter and her “redhead husband”.

“I have been trying for almost four years to see my daughter and her redhead husband face to face in a courtroom. … I would love to come to court and speak and defend my eldest daughter,” Thomas said in a meeting.

“There are so many blatant, obvious lies that are immediately challenged that I can’t even imagine Meghan going to court with it,” he continued. “She can’t defend the things she said.”

However, a BuzzFeed News Survey is proof that elder Markle knows a thing or two about mud. Among the most remarkable discoveries? Samantha had apparently used a number of Twitter accounts to criticize her younger half-sister and make potentially defamatory statements. Additionally, the outlet said it found evidence to suggest Samantha acted as an informant to an “influential” anti-Meghan YouTube account.

Not to be forgotten, the eldest Markle has been an outspoken critic of her sister ever since her relationship with Prince Harry made the news. In the aftermath, Samantha gave an exclusive to The sun. The title? “Don’t fall in love with my little sister, Harry, she will be the next PUSHY PRINCESS.” She also wrote a revealer of a similar name, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

The date for the Sussexes’ depositions has yet to be announced, but… watch this space.

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