Is Princess Kate’s Rebrand Really About Seeing Off Meghan Markle?

Is Princess Kate’s Rebrand Really About Seeing Off Meghan Markle?

Kate, the new Princess of Wales, is completely overhauling her image as part of a comprehensive rebranding aimed in part to outdo Meghan Markle, according to a report by THE Telegraph.

The newspaper says Kate, five months into her and William’s new role as the frontline to the throne, has bolstered her core team with the hiring of branding and marketing expert Alison Corfield. , as reported by The Daily Beast.

THE Telegraph intriguingly suggests the princess is aiming not just to make sure she succeeds in what has been described as her ‘life’s work’ on child development, under the banner of the ‘Shaping Us’ campaign but also the newspaper’s usually well-informed chief reporter Gordon Rayner claims to have “beaten Meghan Markle”.

Rayner notes that in recent weeks, Kate has sought media coverage of its early childhood campaignwearing a series of powerful outfits (such as This red pantsuit) to headline-grabbing engagements. She launched a new short film on the issue at Britain’s screen guild HQ, BAFTA, in front of a celebrity crowd.

Meghan, on the other hand, has been conspicuous by her absence from global headlines since the launch of her husband’s book. Meghan is unlikely to have been thrilled with the revelations over the weekend of the woman who took Harry’s virginity. Sasha Walpole, a former stable girl at one of the royal residences, said she came out because Harry put her in an impossible situation by describing the incident in his book.

Meghan and Harry also have a new headache after a Florida judge refused to oblige them by staying discovery in a defamation case brought by Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle. They may now have to file a deposition as early as July.

The Daily Beast has already been told by sources close to Kate that the Princess is determined not to be “distracted” by the dramas of Meghan and Harry and intends to let “actions speak louder than words”.

While William is said by sources to be glowing with rage on the revelations of Spareespecially those in her family, Princess Kate, according to Daily Beast sources, takes a longer and calmer view, believing that in the end the hurricane will eventually die down.

Kate’s newfound resolve is reflected in Corfield’s appointment as the new private secretary. The move is described by THE Telegraph as ‘a very significant shift’, adding: ‘Sharp-elbowed Corfield will be the Princess’s new right-hand man, and her mandate when she begins work later this year will be to take Brand Kate to the next level . ”

THE Telegraph quotes a source saying: “What the Princess of Wales is doing is a very clear sign that she is redefining herself now that she has this new role. The role of heir, or wife of the heir, brings opportunities and also responsibilities as you represent the monarchy not only in the country but also in the world. She now has a bigger platform, so she needs the right team to deliver for her.

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