Kelly Clarkson covers Adele

Kelly Clarkson Covered Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Kelly Clarkson can seriously belt some powerful songs and then. She proved it– not that it was necessary to prove – on June 30, 2021 The Kelly Clarkson Show, when she did a stunning rendition of Adele’s classic hit “Rolling in the Deep”. Check out return performance here.

“There is a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch, it brings me out of the darkness,” Clarkson sang slowly and dramatically as piano chords played in the background.

Then the song picked up intensity with hard-hitting drums and staccato guitar notes as blue lights flashed behind it in the background. “At last I can see you clear; go ahead and sell me, and I’ll lay your ship bare. See how I’ll go with every piece of you, don’t underestimate the things I’ll do,” he crooned she passionately.

As the pre-chorus came, Clarkson continued to sing in a determined and focused manner. “The scars of your love make me think of us; they make me think that we have had almost everything. The scars of your love take my breath away. I can’t help but feel…” the song built in suspense.

Then, the jaw-dropping chorus hit. “We could’ve had it all, rolling in the deep,” Clarkson sang the song’s lyrics with a jaw-dropping belt tone that will send shivers down your spine. Meanwhile, her epic background vocals sang, “You’re Gonna Wish You Never Met Me, Tears Are Gonna Roll, Roll Into The Deep,” syncing perfectly.

“You had my heart in your hands; and you played it to the beat,” Clarkson courageously continued to sing.

“We could have had it all, rolling in the deep. You had my heart in your hands, and you played it, you played it, you played it, you played it to the beat,” she repeated while pulling off an impressive high-pitched riff.

It wasn’t the only time Clarkson did Adele justice by covering her songs. In the past few months alone, she’s performed some amazing versions of “Set fire to the rain” And “Rumor has it.”

As always, check your local listings for The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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