More workers are using ChatGPT, and they're not telling their bosses

More workers are using ChatGPT, and they’re not telling their bosses

A growing number of employees are using ChatGPT and other AI tools for their work, according to a new survey.

THE results(Opens in a new window) come from the career-based social networking app Fishbowl. The survey was conducted at the end of January and found that 43% of respondents used ChatGPT or other AI tools for work tasks. It is from 27% only three weeks earlier.

The survey also asked if employees had informed their bosses about the use of AI tools for their work, and 68% of respondents did not.

Fishbowl’s survey doesn’t indicate which AI tool gets the most traction. But it’s a good bet it’s ChatGPT. According to UBS financial analysts, ChatGPT seems to be the the fastest the fastest-growing app of all time, just three months after the AI ​​program launched in November.

ChatGPT interface.

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ChatGPT is not always accurate. But the program is smart enough to write professional-looking essays, explain complex concepts in simple terms, and even debug and program computer code. Fishbowl found that its own users were discussing using ChatGPT “for resumes/cover letters, copywriting, coding, and writing sales and marketing emails.”

Adoption of the AI ​​program is only expected to grow. On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled a new Bing search engine that has been integrated with ChatGPT to enhance the whole experience. Meanwhile, Google is preparing to roll out its rival chatbot, Bardin the next weeks.

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The explosion of AI technology has raised fears that these programs will one day replace white-collar jobs. Some schools and teachers are already blockage ChatGPT to avoid cheating.

Fishbowl’s late-January survey interviewed 11,793 professionals. “Respondents included companies such as Amazon, Bank of America, Edelman, Google, IBM, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Meta, Nike, Twitter and thousands more,” the social networking app said.

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