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This Chicago Med Actor Is Also a Real Neurosurgeon

This Chicago Mediterranean the actor takes the acting method to a whole new level.

You may have recognized Dr. Oren N. Gottfried as a neuroresident on five episodes from the show, but what you might not know is that he’s also an impressive neurosurgeon in real life.

Dr. Gottfried is a certified neurosurgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina, by DukeHealth.org. He then became a medical consultant for Chicago Mediterranean to ensure the medical accuracy of the show. As a result, he took some screen time in a few episodes as a neurosurgeon and neuro resident (with some voice work). The name of his character? Well, Oren Gottfried, of course!

In an interview with ComingDr. Gottfried explained how his role came about.

“I had the chance to help full time, on the set Chicago Mediterranean clinical consultants on multiple episodes that included large neurosurgery scenes. I had worked closely with the writers of the episode, and they asked me to come full circle and make sure the scene was visually as authentic as the story. I enjoyed being on set and working with the cast and the entire production team. I saw an opportunity to put my knowledge of neurosurgery on air,” he said.

He then gave more details about what he did on camera. “In one episode, I assisted the TV neurosurgeon and psychiatrist with a complex, awake craniotomy on an anxious patient. I got a ton of screen time, but no lines,” he said. said.” Later, I helped create another neurosurgery scene on the writer’s side, appeared on air, got a character name (Dr Gottfried) and delivered a responds in an important scene with six of the stars of the series.

Gottfried added, “I feel lucky there are more appearances, and I look forward to continuing to help writers and appear on air. It’s exciting that the lines I say and the scenes I appear in reflect what I’ve actually said and experienced in my real life as a neurosurgeon. The emotions on which I draw to act, I have experienced them in real life with similar situations.

Dr. Gottfried says he had a blast on the set of Chicago Mediterranean. “Even the smallest things were absolutely amazing,” he said. “It was so fun and educational to go on set every morning and have 1:1 time with some of the regular actors. They would ask me how to look more like a real surgeon in that particular scene, and I would ask them questions. questions about acting, TV and their career trajectories. It’s been fascinating to see the latest stories I’ve presented or helped create not only on TV but also live on set. For example, a little idea I randomly got at 2am one day on call at the hospital has become an important part of the story, and these great actors are performing it See it live and in person with all bright lights is so cool and always kind of surreal.”

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