Bose TV speaker, soundbar just dropped to less than $200 on Amazon

Bose TV speaker, soundbar just dropped to less than $200 on Amazon

Bose TV speaker


THE superbowl is almost here, and with the major sporting event, you might want to upgrade your home entertainment system at the last minute.

If you’re looking for a new TV soundbar, we’ve got a budget option for you. Currently for sale on Amazon, The Bose TV speaker, a soundbar that will fit perfectly under your TV, is available at a 29% discount. You would normally expect to pay $279, but with an $80 price cut, the sale price is now $199.

THE Bose TV speaker is an affordable soundbar with no bells or whistles. Bose describes the small soundbar as a “simple solution to better sound,” delivered by two drivers and optimized technology to improve voice and pronunciation. The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI ports, optical and AUX connectors, and also comes with a remote control.

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Another deal worth looking into is a high-end Bose soundbar that’s also for sale on Amazon. Available in black or white, the Bose 900 smart soundbar is based on Dolby Atmos audio and has both Bluetooth connectivity and Alexa compatibility.

Amazon is offering 22% off, or a $200 discount, bringing the cost down from $899 to $699. You can also purchase an additional bass module.

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