Dehumidifier or tumble dryer: Martin Lewis recommends dehumidifier for drying clothes

Dehumidifier or tumble dryer: Martin Lewis recommends dehumidifier for drying clothes

Whether investing in a air fryerin the company of a electric blanket or discovering innovative ways to dry clothes, with the cost of living soaring, we are all looking for ways to live more economically. In a episode of The Martin Lewis PodcastThe MoneySavingExpert dubbed tumble dryers – which cost up to £1 an hour to run – a ‘demon appliance’ and instead suggested you use a dehumidifier. He also has warned on the devastating effects that further increases in energy prices could have.

While admittedly an initial investment, these machines draw moisture from your environment and, in turn, potentially cut your laundry drying time in half. Depending on the extraction power and wattage of the model, a dehumidifier can cost between 30 and 10 pence per hour to run, making it cheaper to run than a tumble dryer.

“Many dehumidifiers have different wattages, the one I checked was 200W,” Lewis explain on his podcast. “Once we know it’s 200W and we know that a kilowatt is 1000W, which is the price of electricity, we know it’s a fifth of a kilowatt.

“And you pay about 34 pence per kilowatt per hour. A fifth is 7p, so you’ll be paying around 7p per hour to run a dehumidifier at 200W, assuming it’s using full power all the time. Which is usually much, much cheaper than turning the heating on,” he continued.

Multipurpose machines are great for allergy sufferers, tend to be quiet, and have the added benefit of neutralizing harmful bacteria in your home. So if you’ve noticed mold, condensation, or a musty smell smell around your housemaybe it’s time to invest in a dehumidifier.

In our review of the best dehumidifiers, one machine stood out for its ability to dry a full range of items very quickly. If you’re looking to invest in an energy-efficient, budget-friendly dehumidifier for the colder months, read on to learn more about IndyBest’s top-rated machine.


Considered “one of best dehumidifiers we used”, it is an impressive machine. According to our review, it can absorb up to 20 liters of water per day and, thanks to the adjustment of the swinging flaps, it covers the whole room. They added that the “control panel makes this really easy to use”, just select the right setting for your space, including humidity levels, and away you go. Our writer noted that they were shocked at how well this machine worked – “we left it running in different areas of the house, and it left the air feeling much drier and clearer.”

Most importantly – especially in today’s climate – one of their favorite features has been noted as “dry laundry mode”. They tested it with a range of laundry, including heavy duvet covers and, while they would normally sit on the laundry horse for a few days, using this machine, within 24 hours they were all dry. Consider us sold.

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