How To Wear Leather In The Spring: 5 Must-Try Outfits

How To Wear Leather In The Spring: 5 Must-Try Outfits

It is completely understandable to want to start wearing all your spring clothes once you get your first taste of warm weather. (Pastels! Flowers! Linen!) Here’s the thing, though: the weather over the next two months is, well, pretty unpredictable. Not to mention that temperatures below 50 are still very likely in most parts of the country – sorry, someone had to say that! So before putting all your winter pieces in a hard-to-reach place under your bed, consider saving a few heavy-duty transitional pieces for additional style options. Something else worth doing? Learn to wear leather in the spring. Perfect with cozy knits and ultra-thin t-shirts, the material comes in handy when the forecast keeps changing

Jacqueline Zenere, a celebrity stylist who works with Olivia Palermo and Ashley Benson, offers some styling ideas for soft, buttery silhouettes. “If it’s hot, the breathability of a T-shirt [under leather] keeps you cool,” she explains. And for the night? “If I’m dressing for the evening, I like to use a leather [jacket] as if it were a dressy coat and wear it over the shoulders – it allows to see an evening look while maintaining the girly cool vibe.

If you can’t wait to add a new leather piece to your spring shopping list, Zenere has some suggestions too. “Whether Saint Laurent and Valentino’s most recent hit shows are an indication of that, [you should] search the shelves for the buttery chocolate brown [styles] The 90s, Meg Ryan would pass out. And if you really want to up the nostalgia factor, an inhabited used style is your best bet.

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2023Dominique Charriau/WireImage

False is also a great way to go. It’s eco-friendly, more affordable and fantastic for warmer conditions. “I always find that vegan leather tends to be lighter,” says Amanda Lim, a celebrity stylist whose clientele includes Alisha Boe and Alyah Chanelle Scott. “It works great for spring.”

Of course, finding the right piece means nothing if you don’t know what to wear it with. Ahead, five foolproof outfits to try on.

Dress over pants

You can probably escape wearing your mid-late spring solo mini, but why not dip your toes into the dress-over-trousers look? Wide pants will not make the material so suffocating. Finish with push-ups forward leave for the night.

color me happy

Spring is the time to lightweight jackets, so opt for leather in a vibrant hue. Best of all, a green and pink color combo is on-theme for the season. (Watermelon, but make it chic?) To keep the vibe casual, incorporate a loose pair of jeans into the look.

Totally two-tone

Love the two blacks And white leather? Here’s an idea: try two-tone pants. Then, give the high jumpsuit a pop of color via a pastel bag.

A Maximum Moment

ICYMI: long skirts come for your minis. If you’re on board, opt for a leather style. To balance out the length, opt for a halter top or a cut-out tank top – and if you’re feeling adventurous, add a bright sock.

Belt it

Late spring is a time to sprinkle leather accessories, like a trendy belt, into your summer look. Pair it with something casual and cool, like a striped tank top and baggy pants. Ballerinas will give the outfit some polish.

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