Pete Davidson Helps Boost Taco Bell Breakfast Sales

Pete Davidson Helps Boost Taco Bell Breakfast Sales

Former SNL star Pete Davidson is good for more than exciting gossip with his sometimes surprising encounter life. He is the main reason Taco Bell succeeds in dominating fast food breakfast game.

According to a CNN reportsales of Taco Bell’s breakfast burritos and quesadillas rose 9% in the fourth quarter of 2022. In an earnings call on Wednesday, executives at Yum Brands, which owns the chain, said that Davidson’s association with the brand via advertisements had a direct effect, causing an overall 14% increase in sales in the United States.

Taco Bell brought Davidson on board in October 2022. He led the channel’s breakfast campaign with ads featuring him apologizing for the brand’s previous choices and promising a return to basics.

In 2022, Chief Brand Officer for Taco Bell Sean Tresvant told CNN that the chain “honestly has innovated too much when it comes to breakfast” and that “today’s consumer and [fast-food] breakfast is about familiarity and comfort.”

Here’s more from CNN:

Breakfast has increasingly become a bright spot for Taco Bell since it was brought back in 2021 after a brief pandemic-induced hiatus. Taco Bell’s offerings have long been overshadowed by more established competitors, including McDonald’s (MCD). Breakfast accounts for about 6% of Taco Bell’s sales, the chain previously said, compared to about 25% for McDonald’s (MCD) sales.

fast food chains cater to consumers looking for quick and convenient options, and promoting breakfast products allows restaurants to increase brand awareness and reach new customers through marketing campaigns targeted. Overall, promoting breakfast menus is a strategic move that can help fast-food chains increase sales and provide customers with satisfying and convenient meal options.

As CNN notes, breakfast menus are also simply “a smart business decision.” Research indicates that in 2022, fast food chains saw stable AM ​​activity in the second quarter, even though retail traffic declined at other times of the day.

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