Pixel 7 Pro volume buttons seem to fall off

Pixel 7 Pro volume buttons seem to fall off

For years, Google’s Pixel smartphones always seemed to have at least one “quirk” or flaw with the hardware, but last year’s Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were free from the most glaring issues. Over time, however, some Pixel 7 Pro owners noticed that the volume buttons fell off relatively easily.

The volume keys on most smartphones share the same basic design, with a metal or plastic cover that attaches to the frame and rests on two smaller dots that are the actual buttons. Sometimes these covers will fall off, perhaps if the device is damaged or under some unfortunate circumstances. But either way, it’s not something that should happen frequently.

But over the past few months, some Pixel 7 Pro owners have noticed the volume buttons seemingly falling out randomly.

The problem was first highlighted by from Android Central Nick Sutrich, who saw his Pixel 7 Pro’s volume buttons unexpectedly pop out while comparing Google’s camera to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s. Nick’s case is certainly noteworthy, as he says the Pixel 7 Pro hasn’t been his primary phone for the past few months.

On Reddit And Google support forms, the same problem is noted by several owners of Pixel 7 Pro, whose volume buttons have also fallen off. When this happens, it doesn’t seem particularly easy to put the button back on for everyone, but some users say holding the cover against its usual spot still allows the volume controls to work properly. Nick Sutrich said his volume keys went back into place, but are still loose.

Apparently Google support hasn’t been too easy to deal with either, with some saying reps say the issue is out of warranty, even though there are no clear signs of damage.

This issue doesn’t seem to be particularly prevalent, but there are enough people seeing the same issue that it seems to affect a certain percentage of models. If you had this problem, let us know in the comments and let us know how it was fixed!

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