"What a joke this guy is"

“What a joke this guy is”

California Governor Gavin Newsom took the time during a podcast interview to call out Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters, accusing them of using their platforms on prime time programming top-rated cable news listener to spread disinformation and aggravate an already deeply divided country. “I’m calling the Murdochs and Foxes,” Newsom told David Axelrod on his podcast Ax files. “Yes, I’m calling Jesse Watters – what a joke this guy is.”

Watters Night Show, Jesse Watters in prime timeconsistently ranks as one of the top five rated shows in cable news with an average audience in January of 2.8 million viewers. Newsom, in his conversation with Axelrod, CNN’s senior political commentator and chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, said those with large audiences have a responsibility to be fair rather than “weaponize grievances and divide this country”.

“Listen to how they put people down, talk to people,” Newsom said. “They create characters, cartoon characters. Watch what this guy, Tucker Carlson, does every night. Racial priming. These people should be called by name.

I contacted Fox News Channel for comment.

Carlson is consistently the highest-rated cable news host, drawing an audience of more than 3 million viewers each night and drawing regular criticism — especially from those on the left — for spreading misinformation, including recent claims that President Richard Nixon has been “retired”. for questioning the Deep State” and said that assault weapons “are not a threat to anyone”.

Newsom said Democrats in particular need to fend off misinformation and division — from conservative media and state-level activists. “This is a serious moment in history and people need to be much more serious about it,” Newsom said. “And the Democrats need to wake up and not be on the fucking defensive of all this and play in this shit that’s coming from these red states and come back and wake up to what’s going on.”

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