'F— Valentine's Day,' Announces Divorce

‘F— Valentine’s Day,’ Announces Divorce

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas rocked “Gutfeld!” Thursday night when she swore and announced she was divorcing her husband of nearly 14 years, Andrew Sansone.

When the panel led by host Greg Gutfeld began discussing Valentine’s Day, which is next Tuesday, Banderas replied, “F— Valentine’s Day. It’s stupid. I mean, even when I was married, I didn’t have a s—.

She followed up with, “Well, I’m going to get a divorce. I’m going to go ahead and say it here for the first time. She added: “Congratulations are in order.”

People thought she might be joking, but Sansone doubled down on her announcement tweet on Twitter, saying, “I was not joking.” Before the show, she teased her”classified ad” on Twitter.

In December, she tweeted that she and financial adviser Sansone, whom she married in August 2009, had separated and that he was “soon [my] ex.”

The couple’s relationship has once been public fodder. She announced their engagement during an episode of the U.S. Election Siege on September 21, 2008. Sansone is a board member of Habitat for Humanity and the two met when she hosted an event for the ‘organization. They have three children.

Banderas joined Fox News in March 2005 as a general assignment reporter and replaced Laurie Dhue as Fox Report Weekend anchor in 2008. After taking maternity leave in 2010, she returned to her assignment duties. general.

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