Is Opting For Credit Cards Minimum Payment Due Worth It? Know From Experts

Is Opting For Credit Cards Minimum Payment Due Worth It? Know From Experts

Last update: February 10, 2023, 3:56 PM HST

Sometimes we find ourselves spending a lot on impulse during the month, and by the time we get our credit card bill, our cash flow is already tight. We may not always be able to pay the full amount due in such circumstances. Any sum that is not paid in full at the end of the month also generates high interest. The minimum amount due can save us in these difficult times. But how? What is the minimum amount due or minimum payment?

The Minimum Amount Due (MAD) is the amount you must pay to the relevant credit card company by the due date to keep your card account functioning. By paying the minimum amount due, customers guarantee that they will be responsible for interest when it is due. There will be no fines or fees for late payment.


If you pay the minimum amount due on time, your credit card company or bank won’t report you to a credit bureau with a bad score.

Your credit score will suffer if you don’t make credit card payments on time. You can avoid this by making at least the required minimum payment as stated in your credit agreement.


One of the great benefits of paying off your credit card balance is that you get an interest-free grace period of up to two months. Plus, you’ll have up to three weeks after the statement is sent to pay the balance owing.

If you pay the minimum amount due (MAD), the customer will not benefit from an interest-free credit period. Instead, interest will be added to its balance from the date of purchase.

Until you repay the debt, interest will also continue to accrue. Therefore, even if you have paid the minimum amount

Due and avoided paying late penalties, you have to pay the booming interest.

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