cast of the wonder years.

Is The Wonder Years Canceled? What’s Going On With The Dulé Hill-Led Revival

In an age of constant reboots, revivals, sequels, and prequels, it seems one such ABC project has fans worried as to why it hasn’t returned yet. The good years revival aired its first-season finale in May 2022, but there haven’t been many updates on when the second season will air, or what fans can expect, sparking speculation that the network’s comedy-drama has been canceled. Fortunately, this is not the case for the Series directed by Dulé Hilland the creative team has a lot more planned for the Williams family.

When will the wonderful years return?

After ABC originally set a premiere date for Season 2 in mid-season 2023, Variety confirms the comedy has been moved to the network’s summer schedule, likely in favor of promoting the new directed by Gina Rodriguez comedy not dead yet. While a specific premiere date has yet to be revealed, fans should definitely be able to rest easy knowing that the Williams family will be returning for more comeback stories, even if we have to wait a little longer than d ‘habit.

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