Spider-Man Noir coming to Amazon with live-action TV series from Sony

Spider-Man Noir coming to Amazon with live-action TV series from Sony

Spider-Man Noir caused a stir with his Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse appearance, and now we’ll see the character in a whole new light.

A Black Spider-Man the live-action series is currently in development, marking the first live-action Spider Man series since The Amazing Spider-Man in 1977. Variety reports that the series is in the works at Amazon and that the main character will not be Peter Parker.

Oren Uziel is currently attached as writer and executive producer for the project, which is said to be set in 1930s New York. Uziel developed the series with Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Amy Pascal, who will serve as executive producers.

This is the second Marvel character-based project on Amazon Prime Video, with the Sony-controlled characters finding a home on the streaming service. Black Spider-Man will follow Silk: Spider Society by showrunner Angela Kang. Variety notes that these aren’t the only projects in development as “Sony currently controls over 900 characters associated with the Spider-Man franchise.”

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Spider-Man Noir debuted in 2009, introduced as part of the Marvel Noir universe. Notably, the character has a similar origin to Peter Parker. This version is bitten by a spider hidden inside a stolen artifact, causing him to have visions of a spider god who grants him superpowers. We have already seen the character in Ultimate Spider-Man and the Oscar-winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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