Surprise Surprise!  Soros-linked disinformation group reportedly blacklists conservative media

Surprise Surprise! Soros-linked disinformation group reportedly blacklists conservative media

This week the Washington Examiner discovered “Disinformation Inc.” and how he makes money blacklisting conservative “disinformation” spreaders. One such “misinformation” tracker has multiple ties to none other than liberal billionaire George Soros.

THE Examiner released an exclusive on February 9 about how “well-funded ‘disinformation’ tracking groups are part of a stealth operation blacklisting and trying to defund conservative media” by working to deprive them of large amounts of ad revenue.

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a left-leaning British group with two American non-profit affiliates, the Examiner identified. GDI has three advisory board members with ties to leftist billionaire George Soros, according to research by MRC Free Speech America.

“The radical left knows better than anyone that the best way to overthrow America and destroy freedom is to muzzle the voices of its opposition,” Vice President of MRC Free Speech America & MRC Business Dan Schneider said. “They pose as defenders of information, but we all know they’re just authoritarian thugs.”

Big advertising companies are reportedly seeking more ‘advice’ on tackling so-called ‘misinformation’ online, the Examiner reported. The so-called “non-partisan” groups ad agencies turn to, however, would then compile “secret website blacklists” that target conservative media. The aim is to silence speech that the groups disapprove of, according to memos, emails and sources collected by the Examiner. GDI is such a powerful entity.

IDG has an advisory committee with three members linked to Soros. Advisory Board Member Finn Heinrich is the director of the Soros Open Society Initiative for Europe division for transparency, accountability and participation. This directly makes Heinrich one of Soros’ minions. GDI Lists Ben Nimo under the Atlantic Council on its website. His profile indicates that he was a non-resident senior fellow for the leftist organization, which is finance by Soros (the Examiner he says too works for Meta).

Cris Tardaguila, another member of the GDI advisory board, was the former director of the Soros-funded Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). GDI currently shows Tardáguila representing the IFCN on its website.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) gave the IFCN $492,000 between 2016 and 2020, as noted by MRC Business in its report: George Soros: Propaganda Powerhouse from January 2023. OSF has also donated $768,085 at the Atlantic Council between 2016 and 2021.

mike benzthe former State Department deputy assistant for internal communications and information policy, called the work of groups such as NewsGuard and the Soros-linked GDI “devastating” in comments to the Examiner. “Setting up ad-revenue crushing sentinels like News[G]uard, Global Disinformation Index, etc., has completely crippled the potential for alternative news sources to compete on an economic footing with vetted outlets like CNN and [T]e New York Times.

MRC Free Speech America has Many times show just how biased NewsGuard is. The rating firm assessed outlets on the left much higher than outlets on the right. This too is bragging to help advertising companies divert money from so-called “misinformation” online.

And given the blatant ties to leftist groups, it should come as no surprise that “all of the websites that GDI ranks as least risky remain in their news coverage – less [T]the wall street journal“, reports the Examiner.

GDI website claims its mission is to “remove the financial incentive” to spread so-called “misinformation”. adds that its “main output” is a “dynamic exclusion list”, rating news outlets based on a supposed “misinformation” “risk” factor.

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