You Can Turn Off Your iPhone's Focus Feature at Will

You Can Turn Off Your iPhone’s Focus Feature at Will

Don’t want your contacts to know you’re on Do Not Disturb? This recent update from Apple makes deactivation easier!

Every new Apple update always seems to come with a whole bunch of new stuff. iPhone tricks and tips. And yet, if you’re not one to watch Apple’s updates or read them online, some of them iPhone hacks can go completely unnoticed. That can be a huge shame, especially when these updates allow even more choices when it comes to your iPhone experience, including your Do Not Disturb status.

You’ve probably seen it before; you will text a contact and see a warning at the bottom that your contact has their notifications muted. Although this type of warning can be beneficial when you don’t want to be disturbed, because Apple has allowed even more customization when it comes to your various Do Not Disturb modes, this notification might seem annoying and even abrasive if it seems like you’ve always had it turned on.

What if you could just turn it off? Luckily, your focus status makes it easy to turn it off at will.

What is focus status?

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With Apple’s iOS 15 update, Do Not Disturb features have been expanded, giving users even more customization of this feature than before. Now labeled as Focus, Apple users can customize different types of app screens and permissions for particular times or times of day, making it easier to turn off particular apps (and set limits!) during periods of work, sleep and personal concentration.

Because there’s so much more customization available, it can be especially annoying for your contacts to see that warning that you have silent notifications. each times they text you, especially if you use Focus features more often throughout the week. To avoid such nuisance, you can simply disable this focus status so that pesky reminder can just go away and you can use the focus freely!

Does this mean that notifications will always go through? Absolutely not! Although your contacts won’t know your Focus status is on, you still won’t be bothered by notifications, giving you some peace and quiet when you need it.

How to Disable Focus Status Alerts

Changing your focus status requires just three simple steps.

  • open up Settings on your Apple product, then find Focus.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will find Focus status, which is probably already activated.
  • Click this button and switch Share focus status disabled.

Now what if you TO DO do you want your contacts to know that you are not available at certain times of your week, such as during your free time or your work time?

Instead of just completely disabling your focus status, you can simply enable and disable different types of statuses that you set up on your phone. So if you don’t care that your contacts know that you don’t receive notifications during the hours you sleep, but you TO DO Worry about pesky notifications during personal time, then you can choose what kinds of statuses are worth alerting your contacts.

Finally, you can also enable or disable your Do Not Disturb status. So if you have a random time when you need to quickly switch to Do Not Disturb during your day, you can also choose whether those times are worth notifying your contacts or not.