14 life cheat codes that will get you ahead of the age of majority

From a much larger point of view, I don’t care to compete with others.

I want to be so unique that it becomes impossible to compare myself to others. I want to be in a category, in a race of my own. I want to run fast. But I want to be alone on the track.

That said, I always think about the competition. It’s not because I’m a hypocrite. Well, maybe I am. But then again, who cares? As Walt Whitman said:

Am I contradicting myself? All right, then, I contradict myself. I’m tall. I contain multitudes.

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I think about competing with others because it’s a powerful instinct we’re all born with. And when used appropriately, your competitive instinct can help you keep improving.

Here are 14 life cheat codes that will get you ahead of the majority:

1. Fall in love with failure

Most people think that failure is the opposite of success. However, this is not the case. Failure is the prerequisite for success. If you keep failing constantly at the same time, sooner or later, you will succeed. However, if you despise or fear failure, you won’t try – and you will lose. That’s why it’s important to fall in love with failure – or at least be neutral about it.

2. Change your identity

Do not say, “I try to eat healthy.” Instead, say, “I’m the kind of guy who orders a salad when everyone else orders a burger.” then act according to your identity. When you “try” you are telling your subconscious that you are going against your identity – and it never works in the long run. Only when you change as a person can you repeatedly take good deeds. Stop trying. Become.

3. Play cash games with no caps

It’s good to have a job. But jobs have a ceiling – your employer will never pay you outrageously. The creation of a company, on the other hand, has no ceiling. You can always find ways to scale your business to reap exponential benefits.

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