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Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

of his performance on the NBC sitcom Cheers to his roles in zombieland movies, it’s obvious that Woody Harrelson is one of the best actors for comedic roles. In fact, many of his fans think he’s more comfortable in comedic situations than other serious ones. As he continues to play these roles, he will appear as an offbeat main character in the upcoming film. Champions.

Champions is an upcoming sports comedy film directed by Bobby Farrelly and written by Mark Rizzo. A 2018 Spanish movie of the same name apparently served as the inspiration for this remake. The movie, which stars not only Woody Harrelson but also several high profile actors such as Kaitlin Olson, Ernie Hudson and Cheech Martin, looks exceptionally promising. That said, here’s everything we know about Champions.


Champions: the plot

Champions is based on the true story of Aderes, a team that has been aiming for years to win the Special Olympics in Valencia. The story follows Marcus Markovich (Woody Harrelson), who coaches a minor league basketball team in hopes of one day making it to the NBA. However, he loses his temper and causes a commotion on the pitch when the match is broadcast, resulting in his dismissal.

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After being ridiculed by the media and humiliated by his colleagues, he ends up drinking heavily and crashes into a car on his way home. When he is arrested by the police, the court sentences him to community service, which consists of coaching a Special Olympics basketball team. Although he reluctantly accepts the new position, it backfires when he realizes that the new team is not something he can change, let alone lead to the championship.

However, after a few meetings with each athlete and support staff, he discovers more in common with each of them and recognizes their respective talents. As it gets closer to each of them, it turns into a protective barrier for these disabled people who daily suffer insults from strangers. Marcus, who used to mutter these insults under his breath in the past, grows as a coach and a person after getting to know this new team and guiding them to victory.

The original movie champ was well received by viewers and was the highest-grossing Spanish film of the year in 2018. Hopefully, the remake lives up to the original in terms of international recognition.

Champions: cast and crew

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Woody Harrelson plays Marcus Markovich, a coach who aspires to be in the NBA. He is an Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actor with appearances in over a hundred films and television series. Harrelson’s portrayal of Woody Boyd in the classic NBA sitcom Cheers earned him a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He has also appeared in major film franchises such as zombieland, The hunger GamesAnd Venomas well as notable TV shows like real detective And The Monster Brothers.

Alex, Marcus’ love interest, will be played by Kaitlin Olson, who grows on audiences throughout the film. She is best known for her role as Dee Reynolds on the long-running show Philadelphia is always sunny (2005-2021). She was recently nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her performance in the critically acclaimed HBO Max comedy series. hacks. Longtime movie and TV fans will also recognize the actress from The heat, Finding Dory, ugly coyoteAnd Vacation.

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Ernie Hudson plays Phil Peretti, who plays a significant role in Marcus’s dismissal from his coaching job, setting him on a new journey. He is best known for his works ghost hunters, The family business, The best of LA, The Secret Life of an American TeenagerAnd The crow. If these actors have played an essential role in Championsother cast members include Cheech Marin (Julio), Matt Cook (Sonny), Madison Tevlin (Cosentino), Joshua Felder (Darius), Kevin Ianucci (Johnny), Ashton Gunning (Cody), and James Day Keith (Benny).

Bobby Farrelly, who previously collaborated with Woody Harrelson in 1996 Center pivot, leads Champions. He co-directed several classic comedies with his brother Peter Farrelly, including Stupid and even dumber, There’s something about MaryAnd Me, myself and Irene. His other renowned works include strong milk, Hall passAnd The now. Mark Rizzo, famous for the disney animated series Gravity Falls and the Netflix animated series Green eggs and hamwill take care of the scenario.

Woody Harrelson, Alexander Joss, Brad Kessell, Alvaro Longoria and Luis Manso will serve as executive producers alongside Javier Fesser, who directed and co-wrote the original Spanish film. campeneos. Meanwhile, the film is produced by Paul Brooks, Scott Niemeyer and Jeremy Plager, with Cary Davies, Drew Locke and Jonathan Shore serving as co-producers. The music will be composed by Michael Franti, who is known for his previous works Snakes on a plane, lady in the water, In the stormAnd Mysterious men.

Release date

Champions release date
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Champions hits theaters worldwide on March 10.