Report: Ravens could loosen stance on trading Lamar

Report: Ravens could loosen stance on trading Lamar

THE Baltimore Ravens would consider trading the quarterback lamar jackson for a sizable comeback in draft picks this offseason, sources said NFL Network.

Details of potential trade value were not reported, but the Ravens would likely need multiple first- and second-round picks to trade Jackson. The blockbuster from the last offseason is trading for Deshaun Watson And Russell Wilson could influence Baltimore’s demands.

The Cleveland Browns sent three first-round players and a third- and fourth-round pick to the Houston Texans for Watson, while the Denver Broncos acquired Wilson and a fourth-round pick from the Seattle Seahawks for two firsts, two seconds, Noah Fan, Shelby HarrisAnd Drew Lock. Watson and Wilson have signed long-term extensions with their new clubs.

Jackson is expected to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, but the Ravens are expected to give him a franchise if they can’t agree to a long-term deal by the March 7 deadline. The former MVP is reportedly seeking a deal that includes guarantees similar to the fully guaranteed, five-year, $230 million contract Watson signed with the Browns, according to NFL Network.

The Ravens could consider both exclusive and non-exclusive tags, per NFL Network. The exclusive tag prevents other teams from negotiating with the 26-year-old, while the non-exclusive tag allows teams to make offers Baltimore can match. If the Ravens don’t match an offer, they would receive two first-round picks.

Jackson will have almost total control over where he goes if he is traded after receiving the exclusive tag, as he will need to sign the tender to facilitate the trade.

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