Was Rihanna Banned From Senegal? Inside The Theory That She Was Banned For Illuminati Involvement

With Superbowl LVII fast approaching on February 12, 2023, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding pop star, Rihanna, who will play at halftime this year to show.

With the singer much discussed in the media, old news and conspiracy theories centered on her have come to light.

One of the popular theories circulating among fans in 2018 was Rihanna’s supposed banishment from the country of Senegal due to her alleged involvement in a Satanist group.

Has Rihanna been banned from Senegal?

Despite rumors and conspiracies circulating, Rihanna was not banned by the Senegalese government and traveled to the country for the conference as planned.

Senegal is made up of powerful religious organizations, including a association of about thirty Islamic associations called “No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality”, which called on the government to cancel the pop star’s visit.

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Many of these same religious groups in Senegal protested the singer’s entry into the country due to her alleged involvement in the Illuminati.

The groups also feared that the singer was “promoting homosexuality in collision with Freemasons.”

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