We asked ChatGPT to explain Bitcoin in a rap song and it's dope

We asked ChatGPT to explain Bitcoin in a rap song and it’s dope

The ChatGPT chatbot continues to gain prominence on its ability to handle different tasks by providing detailed answers and clear answers in various areas of expertise.

Some of the emerging roles of text-based artificial intelligence (AI) the tool includes a specific offer crypto price predictions and write songs with lyrics covering various themes and genres.

In effect, Fineball commissioned ChatGPT to explain Bitcoin (BTC) in the form of rap music. As it stands, the tool did not disappoint by compressing all the information on Bitcoin to align with the characteristics of rap music.

In its explanation, ChatGPT incorporated elements such as rhyme schemes, repetition to emphasize certain points, and storytelling into creative puns.

Rapping about bitcoin

At first, the AI ​​tool made it clear that it was about to tell a story about Bitcoin, emphasizing that the asset is real business and not just a “game”:

“Listen y’all I got a story to tell

About a currency making waves

It’s called Bitcoin, and it’s a game-changer

A decentralized system with no one to blame”

For the chorus, ChatGPT summed up Bitcoin as secure, with no possibility of third-party interference, while noting that the young crypto is the “future of earnings.”

ChatGPT Bitcoin rap lyrics. Source: ChatGPT

Under the second verse, the AI ​​tool has chosen to offer a history lesson on the emergence of Bitcoin, highlighting the year of creation and the anonymity around the innovator of the asset:

“It started in 2009, with a mysterious creator

Satoshi Nakamoto, the name of the innovator

The idea was simple, create a new room

An easily reachable digital currency »

Additionally, ChatGPT has used its lyrical prowess to warn investors hoping to get rich quick by buying Bitcoin. The tool warned that crypto markets remain highly volatile and caution is warranted:

“But it’s not all sunshine, it’s a volatile race

It can go up and down, you gotta hold on

But it’s a long term game, not a get-rich-quick scheme

Invest wisely and you can make your dreams come true, it seems”

Finally, for the outro, ChatGPT’s Bitcoin rap sums it up while advising to invest in crypto and join the revolution:

“So this is the story of Bitcoin, a currency of the future,

Join the revolution, don’t be a loser,

Invest wisely and watch your wealth grow,

Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the way to go”


Although ChatGPT rap lyrics sound entertaining, the tool does not miss the opportunity to educate about Bitcoin. From the lyrics, it is clear that the AI ​​tool understands the potential benefits of the risks associated with Bitcoin.

These attributes also come into play when the tool is tasked with describing Bitcoin in other forms. For example, ChatGPT remained educational and comical when we asked to explain bitcoin as a monster from the 1920s.

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