‘Avatar 2’ Tops $2.21B Global As ‘Titanic’ Resurfaces – Deadline

‘Avatar 2’ Tops $2.21B Global As ‘Titanic’ Resurfaces – Deadline

Refresh for latest…: James Cameron’s latest reissue Titanic 3D supported the big boat movie at $2.217 billion globally, meaning it’s still the third-largest global release of all time. In its wake, Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of the Water has now reached $2,213.5 millionstill the fourth highest grossing film of all time and under $4 million Titanic until Sunday. He will exceed Titanicit’s just a matter of when.

last session, Water Way had navigated pass Titanic internationally for the all-time No. 3 spot on the road, and retains that crown after this weekend with $1.567 billion until Sunday.

Either way, Cameron was indeed king of the world (at the box office) this frame, with $22.3 million from the Titanic reissue (Paramount a domestic and Disney overseas) as well as $25.8 million for 20th Century Studios/Disney’s Water Way.

At international ticket office, Avatar 2 recorded a 35% decline in 52 materials markets for a $18.9 million. It is still the No. 1 non-local title in France, Germany, Spain and several others. The 5 most profitable markets are China ($242.6 million), France ($144.9 million), Germany ($135M), Korea ($106.9 million) and the UNITED KINGDOM ($89.7 million).

In IMAX, Avatar 2 crossed $250 million worldwide to $252.2 million in the final weekend of its record run. The international accumulation is $164.6 million, including $52.2 million from China, the 2nd highest IMAX result ever in the market.

In the meantime, Titanic surfed on a new 3D wave just over 25 years after its first creation. The international part of the session was $15.9M 51 markets, including No. 1 in Italy, Belgium, Bosnia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Central America. Elsewhere, it debuted in the Top 4 in numerous markets, including Korea, Japan, India, Spain, Mexico, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Brasil. The Top 5 reservations were Korea ($2.5M), France ($1.6M), Mexico ($1.2M), UNITED KINGDOM ($1M) and Japan ($1 million). IMAX generated $2 million worldwide, including $1.6 million overseas.

This is all ahead of Disney/Marvel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania buzzing in cinemas around the world this coming week, including a day-and-date release on February 17 in China. As a table setter for Marvel movies to return to this market after a long dry spell, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever rolled out in the PRC from February 7 and grossed $12 million in its extended opening session. The market is crowded with Chinese New Year runoff: At around 4.24 billion RMB ($624 million), Zhang Yimou’s market Full Red River is about to overtake Avengers: Endgamethe life of raw china while Wandering Earth II has made $538 million through Sunday (including $49.2 million in IMAX to become the format’s biggest local-language gross). wakanda forever It was never expected to be a litmus test for Marvel’s return. The international cume is now $401.4M For $855 million global.


Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Universal/DreamWorks Animations Puss in Boots: The Last Wish continues to purr as it nears $400 million worldwide. The offshore weekend was good for $12.1M in 80 markets (-33%) to count a $235.2M running cume. Worldwide, the total to date is $393.7M. The sequel is now the 3rd biggest animation of the pandemic, and this session has surpassed black adam to become the 11th biggest studio release of 2022 internationally and the 12th biggest worldwide. Outside China, the film continues to be above Sing 2 and in agreement with Sing And How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World at the same point.

After a good start in the last session, the UNITED KINGDOM guard Cat at #1 because it exceeded the shelf life of Charm with $11 million to date. Brazil, Mexico and France stood out while Argentina pushed Cat become the 2n/a the greatest animated title of all time (only behind that of Universal Minions: The Rise of Gru), as well as the 6e the greatest movie of all time.

The top 5 markets to date are Mexico ($23.6M), France ($20.1 million), Germany ($16.1M), Brazil ($14.8M) and Australia ($14 million).

THE LAST DANCE OF MAGIC MIKEfront, from left: Salma Hayek, Channing Tatum, 2023. © Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

In a new room, and also with Puss in Boots‘Salma Hayek, Warner Bros’ Magic Mike’s Last Dance bowed before $10.4M of 41 offshore markets for a $18.6M world premiere. As often seen in American comedies, the best foreign plays were in Germany, the UK and Australia. GermanyNo. 2’s $1.9m was tied with ticket to paradiseand in front The lost city by 39%. THE UNITED KINGDOM also scored $1.9M at No. 2, ahead of the Titanic reissue, on par with magic mike and above Hustlers by 15%. Australia grossed $1.7 million and hit Avatar out of the No. 1 spot in a first game that matches The lost city.


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