Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max plugged horizontally into TV

I switched from Roku to Fire TV Stick for two weeks – here’s what happened

For the past few years I’ve been firmly on the Roku team, starting with the original Streaming Stick Plus and go to of the year Few years ago. Roku’s software has changed a lot over the past five years, for better or for worse, and it got me thinking about how things have changed with its rivals.

I was disabled using an Amazon Fire TV Stick for various reasons, especially on the software side. But five years is a very long time, especially in the tech industry, so has that changed? So I swapped my Roku for the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max Stick to find out if I missed something.

Why I love Roku so much


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The main thing that drew me to Roku and kept me there for so long was the interface. Even to this day, Roku claims to offer an unbiased approach to its system, refusing to offer favoritism to one service or another. A policy that Roku claims caused rift with Googlewhere access to YouTube and YouTube TV would have been ransomed unless Roku gave in and gave preferential treatment to Google.

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