Leigh-Anne Pinnock Rocks a Hair Crown at the Brits 2023

Leigh-Anne Pinnock Rocks a Hair Crown at the Brits 2023

When it comes to star-studded looks on the red carpet, Leigh-Anne Pinnock sure knows how to deliver. And for his first appearance as solo artist among the British, after the departure of Little Mix on hiatus last year, the singer did not disappoint. While Alberta Ferretti’s draped orange dress gave heroin vibes, it was her incredible hairstyle that made her look like a real-life goddess.

Putting its mark on the “hair chandeliers”, a look highlighted by pioneer Lupita Nyong’o At “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” last year, Pinnock took the intricacies of braiding to new heights, with fans dubbing it a look that “served” seriously. Under the arch of the braid, hairdresser Dionne Smith pulled her locks up into a messy bun and embellished them with a line of silver ribbon, adding to the crowning effect.

“I wanted to go for a soft yet complex glam using Leigh’s natural curls, but also introducing a structured piece that becomes her signature in her hairstyles,” Smith told POPSUGAR. “I created a messy bun and decided to include some silver wire to dress it up a bit, then I created two braids on either side which I wrapped together using wire and hair to create the sculpture which I bent into a shape to complete the entire look.”

While hair was the piece of jewelry we were all in awe of, we noticed that Pinnock had tested another hot new beauty look: heavy eyeliner. Giving the goddess a touch of vampy, the mother of two children accessorized her idyllic look with a fierce feline flick – one even Adele will coo at – and added a super-fine line of liquid eyeliner to the corners of her eyes to amp up the makeup look. We couldn’t help but notice that she nailed the “underline” trend also, drawing the liner underneath to give the illusion of a fox eye lift.

Read ahead to see more of her look, then check out the rest of the red carpet looks to the British 2023.

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