Megan Fox in daring sidebutt outfit 2022.

Megan Fox Drops Post With Cryptic Caption And Deletes All Her MGK Photos In The Middle Of The Night. Fans Think He Was Caught Cheating

Megan Fox may be the queen of the Instagram caption, often nodding to popular pop culture properties, or doing what she does best: trolling internet trolls. But sometimes his cryptic captions are meant to do more than amuse. And that’s what fans think is happening after Fox made major changes to its social media in the middle of the night. Mainly, Machine Gun Kelly is nowhere to be found, and fans think that’s a very bad sign.

The mum-of-three started dating MGK amid the pandemic after working with him on the film Midnight in switchgrass. Then she got engaged to the ‘Bloody Valentine’ singer a little over a year ago. Her instagram used to be peppered with looks at nights out the two shared together, including photos of where they went full cosplay like The Legend of Zelda characters earlier this year. But not more. Her diet resembles that of a single woman.

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