The latest Super Mario Bros.  is an advertisement for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing.

The latest Super Mario Bros. is an advertisement for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing.

The final bit of marketing for The Super Mario Bros. Movie is special because it’s not just an advertisement for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, but it’s also a tribute to the classic intro song from The Super Mario Bros. Great Show! live action series.

Advertising, which you can see below, is just part of the marketing device that is Super Mario Bros. Plumbing. First, the commercial itself, which you can see below, and it’s a low-budget but wonderful commercial starring Mario and Luigi and an actress who clearly reads her lines from sort of teleprompter.

At the end of the ad, he encourages people to call or text 929-55-MARIO (929-556-2746) or visit to learn more.

If you call the number, like I did, you’re greeted with a recorded message from Charlie Day’s Luigi for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing. You can call it yourself or hear the announcement in the Tweet embedded below, and it ends with the tagline “At Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, we don’t say ‘Wait,’ we say ‘Let’s-a – go!'”

The team behind Super Mario Bros. Plumbing really thought of everything because the number is even New York and Luigi refers to Luigi’s Mansion.

As mentioned earlier, you can also text the number and you’ll receive a message encouraging you to sign up for “exclusive updates, service offers, and more.”

“Thank you for your interest in Super Mario Bros. Plumbing! We are a family business that provides premium plumbing services in Brooklyn and Queens,” the text reads.

Finally, the website is filled with Easter eggs and fun things to discover, including a glowing testimonial from BrosMom and a job posting for an accountant who can keep track of all the coins the brothers will be collecting.

As for the Super Mario Bros. movie, it is set to hit theaters on April 7, 2023. For more, discover the latest posters And the recent trailer that features Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong and Cat Mario.

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