Tom Brady Dropped 5 Key 'Clues' That Suggest He's Coming Back

Tom Brady Dropped 5 Key ‘Clues’ That Suggest He’s Coming Back

AMPA, FLORIDA – JANUARY 16: Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers number 12 throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys during the second half of the NFC Wild Card playoff game at Raymond James Stadium on January 16, 2023 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Tom Brady recently announced his retirement from the NFL…for the second time in as many years.

This time is meant to be different, though. Rather than let the media break the news, Tom broke the story himself in a heartfelt video. And he even made it official by handing over his retirement papers to the NFL and NFLPA last week.

So that means he’s finished for sure….right? Well, according to CBS’ Will Brinson, not quite.

In a recent article, Brinson pointed to five main reasons why he thinks the GOAT could still make a comeback in the NFL.

The first and wackiest clue Brinson points out is Brady’s. pictures of underwearwhich he says is the quarterback’s way of “demanding attention” and “flexing his fitness as a free agent who can be signed by any team.”

Next is Brady’s podcast. Throughout the past week, Brady has heard ‘Let’s Go’ co-host Jim Gray explain that he isn’t emotionally or physically capable of handling another season of NFL football, which Brady has continued to oppose. According to Brinson, this is all just a “blatant unconscious attempt to let teams know he’s always ready to fight if there’s any interest.”

Then there’s Brady’s divorce. Now that the former Buccaneers quarterback no longer has a significant other to care for, Brinson finds it hard to believe he’s just going to “settle down” and “co-parent.”

The fourth clue is Patrick Mahomes, who Brinson thinks could motivate Brady to come back if he wins another Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP title. That would put the Chiefs quarterback on a career trajectory that could seriously threaten Brady’s GOAT status. Could Brady suddenly feel like he needs to add another ring or two, just to keep Mahomes firmly in his rearview mirror?

And that brings us to Brinson’s fifth and final point: Brady’s intriguing list of options, should he return.

If the seven-time Super Bowl champion returns, you’d have to think he’d only do it for a legitimate Super Bowl contender… And wouldn’t you know? There are actually a few legitimate contenders who some say are “just one quarterback away.”

The first (and most obvious) team that comes to mind is the San Francisco 49ers, which Brady happened to root for as a kid. The Las Vegas Raiders and Tennessee Titans are a few other possibilities. And then there are the long-shots like the Miami Dolphins. Heck, even a return to Tampa Bay wouldn’t be the worst idea, as they’re only years away from a Super Bowl championship with Brady at the helm.

While those are five very intriguing arguments as to why we might see Tom Brady return in 2023, the fact is that it’s still a long way off. After flip-flopping on the decision to retire last year, you have to assume Brady knew the next time he made an announcement to hang them up, he’d face a ton of scrutiny if he did. he decided not to stick to it.

Regardless of what Patrick Mahomes does on Sunday (and for the next few years), it will be hard for him to beat what Tom Brady has accomplished. TB12 has already set the bar very high. Coming out of retirement would probably do him more harm than good…

Look at how Favre’s interminable retirement was (and still is) perceived. Do you think Brady wants this to be part of his legacy?

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