Watch all the Super Bowl movie trailers in one place

Watch all the Super Bowl movie trailers in one place

superbowl commercials can draw crowds, but people often forget that it’s also one of the biggest days of the year for movie trailers. A few months before summer movie season, the Super Bowl is often the right place and time for studios to release the first or last trailers for their biggest March, April, and May releases.

Just like other recent years, several studios made their announcements days before the big game, and most of them actually released the full trailer online to make sure it didn’t get lost in the mess of the Super Bowl festivities. But while we know what most of the trailers will be, there are still a few more to come for the game itself, and probably a few surprises as well.

Here are all the trailers we know are coming or have so far for Super Bowl LVII:

the flash

The Flash stands at the entrance to the Batcave from the 1989 version of Batman

Picture: Warner Bros.

The only trailer to be teased before the big game and actually released during it is the flash. The final look at this long-delayed DCU entry should include plenty of speed and maybe even a glimpse of Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Presented on Friday before the game, the first trailer for x fast brings Dom Toretto’s family together and gives us a glimpse of Jason Momoa’s new villain, whom they will have to face.

It’s a movie about Adam Driver fighting dinosaurs and I’m not sure you need much more than that to be intrigued.

Cry VI

The latest Scream sequel takes on Ghostface, and the surviving cast of Cry 5, At New York. And apparently, this time around, Ghostface’s killer may be an obsessive fan of the franchise – or at least of Stabits equivalent in the universe.

Ben Affleck’s latest star vehicle and directing project tells the story of the Nike executive, played by Matt Damon, who signed Michael Jordan to a shoe deal before he became one of the biggest players in the game. NBA history.

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