Why Football Isn't Just a Game to Buffalo Bills Star Stefon Diggs

Why Football Isn’t Just a Game to Buffalo Bills Star Stefon Diggs

Diggs, who is also the father of a 6-year-old daughter Novatransmitted this intensity to his younger brother Trevon Diggs, 24, who was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2020 and is already a two-time Pro Bowl selection. Say it’s a good thing mama Stephanie Diggs like to travel.

“It’s surreal, because it never really happens,” said Diggs (a three-time selection), his sibling pride evident. There are other pairs of brothers in the league, he noted (linked to the Super Bowl Travis Kelce And Jason Kelcewho play for the Chiefs and Eagles respectively, among them), “but just a few others playing at a high level.”

Diggs added with a laugh: “I’m just glad one of my brothers is one of the top players! When I see my brother playing there I’m like, ‘Ah, there you go. go. Here it is!’ It’s a proud moment.”

Knowing that Trevon is succeeding, he added, “My mind is at peace.”

And after this season, he will take it.

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