2022 MacBook Air with M2 processor

15.5-inch MacBook Air could arrive in April

The 2022 MacBook Air with M2 processor could soon be joined by a big brother.
Picture: Apple

A full-size MacBook Air is supposed to be right around the corner. An analyst who has built a solid reputation for accurately predicting Apple products says the next macOS laptop will be released in about six weeks.

This will be the first time the thin and light line of laptops will expand beyond the current 13.6-inch screen.

Get ready for a 15.5-inch MacBook Air

To make sure the MacBook Air doesn’t get too bulky, Apple has reduced the screen size. But he apparently thinks that’s no longer necessary and is preparing the biggest release yet. Given the slenderness of 16-inch MacBook Pro is that there’s no reason to expect a 15.5-inch Air to be a monster.

The next consumer-oriented laptop is reportedly already in production. “15.5” MacBook Air began panel production this month,” Ross Young said with View Supply Chain Consultants via a Twitter post only available to his Super Followers. “We expect a launch in early April.”

While it’s the most accurate timeline we’ve seen for its release, Young’s report is far from the first we’ve heard of the product. Reports of an Air with a roughly 15-inch screen have been circulating for nearly a year. Bloomberg says it was in development last summer, just like Ming Chi Kuo of TF International Securities.

How the current 13.6 inch version works an Apple M2 processor, the larger model will probably be too. And it will almost certainly have the same slim design as the smaller device, just scaled up for the bigger screen.

None of the tipsters were able to name a price for the 15.5-inch Air.

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