A new Lorde album may be coming this year

A new Lorde album may be coming this year

When it comes to her rabid fans, Lorde knows how to submit just the right amount of information that will keep them coming back for more. In a recent interview with New Zealand magazine Togetherthe singer revealed that the 2021 sequel Solar energy is already under construction.

“It took me a long time [to start working on it]”, the 26-year-old told the magazine. “I just take a lot of time…I do a lot of research, I write a lot.” For many, this information will not come as a surprise – the extremely studious approach of Lorde vis-à-vis his trade meant that Solar energywas released four years after his second album, 2017 Melodrama.

When asked if fans can expect the same amount of time before his next offering, Lorde gives a coy but hopeful answer. Although there is “a big chunk of work before I actually start writing music”, the singer goes on to say that “I always intend to move forward as fast as possible, and then it ends up take different forms. But this one, I’m really trying. I do not want to wait. And when asked if the album could be released this year, Lorde simply replies “anything can happen”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lorde reflects on the fan reaction on his third album Solar energy, which was decidedly more mixed than its first two. “Obviously some people liked it, some people didn’t,” she says matter-of-factly, before revealing that at the end of the Melodrama album cycle, she felt “really scared” that “people believed in [her] too much.” In response to that overwhelming feeling, she changed her sound, and it paid off. me,” she added. While fan response to the album may have been mixed, Lorde’s deliberate change of direction did indeed reclaim the narrative, and in that sense, Solar energy was an undeniable success.

Lorde will embark on the New Zealand and Australian leg of the Solar Power Tour from February 21 to March 4.

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