Blue Moon wins big for Molson Coors in first Super Bowl ad

Blue Moon wins big for Molson Coors in first Super Bowl ad

After around 250,000 people took part in Molson Coors High Stakes Beer Ad Pool on DraftKings and guessed how the company’s Super Bowl commercial would pan out, one brand of beer emerged victorious: Blue Moon.

Coors Light appeared first for about 2 seconds, before Miller Lite stomped on his Big Game aspirations. Viewers had a chance to win cash prizes if they bet on everything from the bartender’s clothes (leather jacket) to whether the Coors Light Silver Bullet Train would make an appearance (no).

As Molson Coors clarified, Blue Moon is present in more bars in the United States than almost any other beer in its portfolio.

Given the gamble element involved, Molson Coors was reluctant to release a version of this announcement in advance. According to a study by Morning Brew and Harris Poll, 73% of people think advertisers shouldn’t pre-run their Super Bowl ads.

Fans competed for a portion of a $500,000 jackpot during the DraftKings pool. According to Molson Coors, even the CEO didn’t know which spot would air until it appeared in the first half of the game.

To achieve this, Droga5, Coors Light’s new main creative store, according to two sources familiar with the change, filmed several different endings for the spot, which the brand calls the “High Stakes Beer Ad”.

“After being shut out of the Big Game for over 30 years, we wanted to do something that had never been done before,” Michelle St. Jacques, chief marketing officer of Molson Coors, said in a statement.

The brand had previously been barred from the game due to AB InBev’s exclusivity clause on alcohol advertising in the Super Bowl, which the brand declined to renew for 2023. As a result, Heineken, Molson Coors , Crown Royal and Remy Martin are among the liquor brands jumping into the biggest advertising event.

DraftKings winning predictions:

1. Which beer is mentioned first?

Coors Light

2. Which slogan is mentioned first?

Mountain cold refreshment

3. What type of floor does the bar have?


4. Total number of beers?

More than 15.5

5. Which object will break in the first half of the ad?

fancy watch

6. What type of dog is depicted behind the bar?


7. Number of people with facial hair.

More than 2.5

8. What brand coaster will be used?

Light Miller

9. What is the bartender wearing?

leather jacket

10. What crazy big game commercial thing will we see?

High octane martial arts

11. Will the Coors Light Silver Bullet train spawn?


12. Who wins the Big Game commercial at the end?

Blue Moon

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