Epic Galaxy S23 Deal at Samsung Makes the New Phones Free for a Limited Time

Epic Galaxy S23 Deal at Samsung Makes the New Phones Free for a Limited Time

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Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S23 range and as you’d expect with the announcement of the new phone, there’s a bunch of deals and discounts to entice people into buying. We have highlighted all best Galaxy S23 deals already, but this particular offer from Samsung is so good that we wanted to make sure everyone sees it before it ends. Ahead of the phone’s official release on February 17, you can get a Galaxy S23 or S23 Plus for free with a trade and you can move on to the Galaxy S23 Ultra for $200 out of pocket.

To get the phone for free, you will need to get one of the carrier versions, not the unlocked model. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are all offering deep trade-in credits for the new phone and billing credits to bring the overall price down to $0. As part of its pre-order specials, Samsung is offering a free storage upgrade, which combines with carrier deals, so you can get the 256GB model for free, instead of being limited to the 128 option. Go.

Trade-in options vary a bit for each carrier, so be sure to check all the details on Samsung’s site to make sure you pick the best option for you. The discounts here will likely be a mix of trade-in credit and monthly billing credits that span 24-36 months, depending on your carrier. If you want an unlocked model, you can get up to $720 in trade-in credit for the outright purchase of the new Galaxy S23 or S23 Plus models, which means you can pay as little as $79 off your pocket for new phones.

All orders placed before the end of the pre-order window will earn free instant credit of up to $150 to use at Samsung. This can be used to purchase Samsung Care Plus service or accessories for your new phone.

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