Machine Gun Kelly Got 'Electrocuted' While Performing Pre-Super Bowl Show

Machine Gun Kelly Got ‘Electrocuted’ While Performing Pre-Super Bowl Show

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When you attend a Machine Gun Kelly show, there’s a chance you’ll witness something out of left field. Maybe it’s MGK throw a shit at his own crewor maybe you could see it banging glass against his head.

Or in a more recent case, you might end up seeing the pop-punk rapper/artist get electrocuted.

Colson Baker (legal name Machine Gun Kelly) recently performed a pre-Super Bowl show; during this performance, Baker ended up getting electrocuted.

A visual indicator of MGK’s electrocution comes in the form of his hair; By the time Machine Gun Kelly was electrocuted, her hair eventually stood on end.

You can find some videos regarding this incident below. Machine Gun Kelly even posted about the incident, sharing a photo of his “electrified” hair.

Speaking about the incident, Machine Gun Kelly wrote the following caption alongside his photo:

“Getting electrocuted during a show was a first for me…but hair is cool”

It looks like the electrocution wasn’t too serious and Baker seems to be fine.

In other MGK-related news, his partner Megan Fox (or ex-partner perhaps, given that she recently deleted all photos of him from her Instagram), praised Baker for how he handled his Grammy loss. Also, did you know that Baker’s 2022 stoner comedy Good morning was nominated for ‘Worst Picture’ of the Year?

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