Marvel Comics Teases 'The Most Shocking Issue of Amazing Spider-Man in 50 Years'

Marvel Comics Teases ‘The Most Shocking Issue of Amazing Spider-Man in 50 Years’

The current volume of The Amazing Spider-Man is approaching its 25th issue in May, and Marvel is teasing big developments for that month. In fact, the publisher promises that ASM #26 will be “Amazing Spider-Man’s most shocking issue in 50 years.”

This tease comes as series writer Zeb Welss and artist John Romita Jr. prepare to reveal the secret to a major and recurring mystery in the series. When The Amazing Spider-Man #1 launched in 2022, readers were struck by the question “What did Peter do?”. Early in the series, Peter Parker is revealed to be responsible for an unknown disaster in New York.

As a result of this disaster, most of Peter’s closest friends and family turned against him, including Aunt May. His recently rekindled relationship with Mary Jane has also crumbled and MJ is now dating a man named Paul and helping raise his children. Peter’s only remaining friends are Black Cat and Norman Osborn, the latter currently a reformed hero known as the Gold Goblin.

To date, the series has yet to reveal what exactly Peter did to alienate his friends and family. But the wait finally appears to be over in issue #26. If Marvel’s tease is to be believed, the truth behind Peter’s betrayal will overshadow the most shocking developments of the past 50 years. This includes the saga of Peter’s symbiote suit, his death at the hands of Morlun, Spider-Man’s superior status quo, and even the extremely controversial storyline of One More Day which eliminated Peter and MJ’s marriage.

We’ll see if the reveal lives up to the hype when The Amazing Spider-Man #25 and #26 hit stores in May 2023. Let us know in the comments below if you buy into this tease and your theories. about what Peter did.

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