Michael B. Jordan Flaunts His Muscles In New Photos, Fans Bring Up His Ex Lori Harvey 

Michael B. Jordan Flaunts His Muscles In New Photos, Fans Bring Up His Ex Lori Harvey 

Michael B. Jordan will always be Lori Harveyis the one that got away as far as his fans are concerned.

While opponents accused them of rigging their relationship for the publicity, it seems fans of the former duo aren’t entirely convinced this is really a wrap for Jordan and Harvey. As the theatrical release of “Creed III” draws near, the Hollywood hunk is slowly but surely beginning to make its way back outside, garnering press for his directorial debut.

His latest foray into the public eye came in the form of a cover of Rolling Stone accompanied by a photo broadcast which has women drooling over the 36-year-old as they wonder why 25-year-old Harvey would ever release him into the dating pool.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan photographed for Rolling Stone magazine. @michaelbjordan/Instagram

“Yeahhhh Lori lost me when she let this one go.”

“And she released THIS into the wild?!”

“Lori better turn against him.”

“Lori is about to text this hey big head.”

The former couple dated for over a year before their split went public last summer. Harvey has since moved on to dating the ‘Snowfall’ star Damson Idrisbut critics think it’s only a matter of time before she moves on to her next beau.

“None of my business but someone’s rebound doesn’t hit like that,” one person commented, alluding to the newly formed duo.

In a “CBS Mornings” interview, which aired in early February, the former People’s Sexiest Man said he remains open to to like, but right now he is focused on uplifting his career. “I’m in my light right now, this is my Jordan year. I mean that,” he told Gayle King. “There’s so much going on, so many blessings, so many great things. “

Elsewhere online, other fans are convinced that Jordan made sure his photos turned heads to remember Harvey of everything that once belonged to him.

“He said I was showing him what she was missing, her loss.”

“Lori, you might want to run back, you still have the [juice emoji] this shoot was strictly to let him know not to mess with me.

The ‘Journal for Jordan’ star has always kept her love life off the radar, but with Harvey things were different. They made stunning red carpet appearances together, shared pictures of them on vacation, and there were countless photos of them boating. However, now the idol is currently single, although he jokes about being on the encounter Raya app while hosting “Saturday Night Live” last month. But fans are already putting together a list of women they think could become his next real-life leading lady.

“He and Nia Long should…”

“He and Halle Bailey would be [fire emoji].”

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