Morning Joe Hosts Mock Trump's New DeSantis Nickname

Morning Joe Hosts Mock Trump’s New DeSantis Nickname

Twice-impeached former President Donald Trump has given Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a new nickname: “Meatball Ron.” And on Monday, the “Morning Joe” hosts couldn’t help but shake their heads at how “not very self-aware” Trump’s choice is this time around.

DeSantis’ latest nickname was revealed on Sunday, in a new report by The New York Times. According to the report, which host Mika Brzezinski quoted on-air, Trump “insulted Mr. DeSantis in casual conversations, describing him as ‘Meatball Ron,’ an apparent dig at his appearance.” But, as Brzezinski came to the words “Meatball Ron,” Joe Scarborough chimed in.

“Again, no mirrors at Mar-a-Lago,” he deadpanned.

Brzezinski also pointed out that the NYT report indicated that Trump had also used “Shutdown Ron” as an occasional nickname – which Scarborough, again, quickly chose.

“And again, obviously, he can’t read, because if he could read his own White House press releases, he told the governors they had to shut down,” Scarborough added.

That being said, the hosts admitted that while the nickname “Meatball Ron” is “childish” and hypocritical, he probably has legs for Trump’s purposes.

“I mean, this is all childish and immature and ridiculous, let’s put this out there to start with,” Jonathan Lemire said. “But in the category of childish, immature and ridiculous things? Good nickname. This one has a chance of sticking. But I mean, you’re right, it’s definitely not very self-aware coming from the former president.”

You can watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.

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