New Apple Leak Reveals Stunning MacBook Air Decision

New Apple Leak Reveals Stunning MacBook Air Decision

Apples devotees asked a great new feature on the MacBook Air for many years; now it seems likely that it will happen Later this year.

With current MacBook Pro laptops focus on the workplace performance levels and Apple Silicon offer an impressive performance package in the current MacBook Air lineup, there is a curious middle ground that needs to be bridged. What do you do if you want a bigger screen on your macOS laptop but don’t want to pay the exorbitant sums needed for the MacBook Pro M2 Pro or M2 Max?

Previously you would have been out of luck – the Air was the lightweight laptop, and the Pro had the extra size and performance. Fortunately, Apple agrees that it needs more than two laptop options. The MacBook Air should offer a bigger option to sit between the current top performing MacBook Air and the bottom performing MacBook Pro.

Apple’s MacBook Air finally gets a model with a 15-inch screen.

The details go through Ross Young and Display Supply Chain Consultants. As the name suggests, Young is looking at the exact same space in the market that Apple would have to turn to if a larger MacBook Air was on the way. Young reports production has begun on MacBook Air display panels

That would suggest an early April launch. I wouldn’t expect to see a full-fledged Apple event around this. Given that the launch of the aforementioned MacBook Pro M2 Pro and M2 Max was done via a press release and presentations on YouTube, a similar approach seems likely. There’s still the possibility of holding back the MacBook Air until the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, as is the launch of the current 13-inch MacBook Air which debuted Apple’s M2 chipset.

It won’t be the first time the MacBook Air has been offered in two different physical sizes – Apple offered an 11-inch MacBook Air between 2010 and 2017 – but it will be the first time it has offered a consumer-focused MacBook Air with a bigger screen. Customers who need more real estate without the added expense of a performance-focused MacBook Pro have long been waiting for Apple to meet a demand that until now has been the purview of every other MacBook Pro. laptops in the world.

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