Social media goes WILD as Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII

Social media goes WILD as Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII

With the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVII, social media was abuzz with hilarious reactions, memes and comments. From witty jokes about Rihanna’s halftime show to exaggerated disappointment and anger over potential games and missed calls, fans took to their keyboards to share their thoughts and emotions. Whether you supported the Chiefs or the Eagles, one thing was clear – the real MVP of the night was the internet, providing an endless stream of entertainment.

This year’s Super Bowl was a historic event that saw two black men start at quarterback for the first time in NFL championship matchup history.

The NFL spent two years growing weed for this?

This year’s Super Bowl was held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, with officials touting the natural grass pitch used. However, it was evident during the match that the ground had a personal vendetta against the players. Viewers on social media were quick to point out how horrendous the pitch conditions were throughout. As a reminder, the National Football League spent two years cultivating the grass on the pitch.

The halftime memes were so good

The main attraction of Super Bowl LVII wasn’t the Eagles or the Chiefs, it was Rihanna. The nine-time Grammy-winning pop star headlined this year’s halftime show and fans on social media made it clear they were watching the Big Game for one reason.

Rihanna’s 15-minute set featured classic songs from the singer’s discography, including “Where Have You Been”, “Only Girl in the World”, “We Found Love”, “Rude Boy”, “Work”, ” Wild Wild”, “Blow it Up”, “All of the Lights”, “Run this Town”, “Umbrella” and “Diamonds”.

Is Patrick Mahomes injured?

The Chiefs will not take the lead until the end of the 3rd quarter. Until then, things were risky, especially after Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes injured his ankle again before the end of the half. Chiefs fans were sent into a spiral on social media, eager to see if their MVP would return to the game. Luckily, the magic of Rihanna’s halftime show brought Mahomes back onto the field to start the second half.

Who wrote this year’s screenplay?

Ever since Arian Foster’s semi-serious claim on the PFT podcast that the NFL scripts its games, fans have taken to the internet to scoff at the idea that the league pre-writes the game. different for the Super Bowl, as viewers commented on how great it was to watch the game this year.

Anti-climatic end

For what was such an incredible game for four quarters, the game ended in a whimper as the Chiefs raced in time to kick the game-winning field goal. Even with 8 seconds on the clock, the Eagles couldn’t come back, and the fans (except the Chiefs) were left disappointed by what is a considerably lame ending. With the 38-35 win, Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid clinched a second championship just two years after their first in 2019.

Some on social media pointed out that the play was given to the Chiefs by the umpires after a crucial defensive hold call was called on the Eagles, putting Mahomes and his team within range to kick the game-winning basket. Athletes from all sports had something to say about this call.

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