Some people were really freaked out by Tubi's Super Bowl ad

Some people were really freaked out by Tubi’s Super Bowl ad

tube television only needed 15 seconds to attract the millions of people watching Super Bowl LVII aware of the streaming platform.

And all they had to do was piss them off.

It happened during the fourth quarter of the game when Fox Sports announcers Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen appeared on screen as if the Fox network had returned from a commercial break.

But as they were joking, an invisible hand flashed a Tubi menu onscreen, selected Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s 2005 action movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and clicked “play” before the Tubi logo flashed on the screen.

Oh gosh, why not see it for yourself.

The legend of the ad on youtube said, “No, you didn’t sit on the remote. But on Super Bowl Sunday, we tricked the public into thinking that was the case.

Tubi’s chief marketing officer, Nicole Parlapiano, wasn’t particularly concerned that the ad would upset Super Bowl viewers.

“It was intentionally so short and fun that it quickly dampens any real concern,” she told AdAge. “Internally, we all saw it for what it was: a brilliant engagement hack that further showcases our creative ability and brand personality.”

But people weren’t necessarily happy with the gag.

But at least one person was impressed.

And another offered constructive criticism to improve the ad.

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