The World’s First 3D-Printed Superyacht with Solar Wings Design Unveiled

Designer Joseph Forakis unveiled the design of “PEGASUS 88m” – the world’s first 3d printed superyacht with reflective solar wings that would run on green energy and infinite range.

The futuristic yacht concept was realized on a beach on the island of Koufonisia, Greece. Forakis was motivated to design a yacht that was as natural and close to the sea as possible, according to the creator’s website.

(Photo: Joseph Forakis)
Designer Jozeph Forakis unveils the design of “PEGASUS 88m” – the world’s first 3D-printed superyacht fitted with solar-powered wings and glass mirrors to reflect clouds and water, making it invisible when sailing. navigation.

The goal of “invisibility”

The goal of “invisibility” inspired Forakis to create a zero-emission superyacht that would be undetectable in design and environmental effects.

Forakis and his colleagues conducted an extensive study to choose innovative technologies already in use or under development to achieve the durability, range and structural integrity of the superyacht concept.

The team is also using robotic 3D printing to create the 88-meter superyacht, primarily by producing a truss frame that combines the hull and superstructure.


(Photo: Joseph Forakis)

The Forakis team explains that this method creates an incredibly strong and lightweight structure that can be built with minimal energy, space, materials, waste and time unlike traditional construction methods.

The yacht’s distinctive exterior features a low, linear hull with a plumb bow and a metallic finish that blends like a chameleon with the hues and motions of the sea.

The superstructure is supported by a waterside base with ephemeral tiered glass wings reflecting the sky and clouds.

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Tree of life

The multi-level “tree of life” is the focal point of the futuristic interior design. It serves as the hub of the hydroponic garden, providing fresh food and air purification.

The hydroponic + meditation Zen garden surrounds the base of the tree, which rises from a reflecting pool on the lower deck. A sculptural spiral staircase runs along the shaft as it rises through the four levels.

Meanwhile, the top floor contains a master suite with a large private terrace. The yacht will also have a forward pool club with an aquarium tower style and large horizontal windows that can be converted into starboard, port and open balconies.

According to the design page, the beach club’s open drop-down balconies can also be transformed into an enclosed solarium by sliding glass panels over the rear bulkhead and ceiling.

This futuristic superyacht will have nearly unlimited range and zero carbon emissions. It will work on solar energy to turn seawater into hydrogen, and on-board fuel cells will convert the water into electricity stored in Li-ion batteries.

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