Apple reportedly preparing 15-inch MacBook Air for April

Apple reportedly preparing 15-inch MacBook Air for April

Apple is gearing up to launch a larger 15-inch MacBook Air model in April, according to a new report.

DSCC analyst Ross Young has a pretty solid track record when it comes to predicting launches based on the display tech supply chain. His latest claim (via 9to5Mac) is that Apple has started panel production on a 15-inch (or 15.5-inch to be exact) MacBook Air, suggesting an early April launch.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of an oversized version of Apple’s most compact and cheapest laptop. Indeed, the same source claimed that such a product was in the works. almost a year agoin March 2022.

Apple has apparently been thinking about this new model for some time. In 2021, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple was considering a MacBook Air with a larger screen than the usual 11- and 13-inch variants, but decided against it at the time.

Indeed, internal emails leaked during the Apple vs Epic trial revealed that Apple was considering a 15-inch MacBook Air as soon as the laptop line launched in 2008.

Essentially, then, it looks like Apple is going to return to offering two versions of its entry-level laptop, but with an increase in size from 11 and 13 inches to 13.6 and 15.5 inches.

We love the current Macbook Air M2giving it a 4.5 star review and calling it a “wonderful machine that looks great, performs exceptionally and lasts a long time on a charge”.

It’s expensive, though, and adding a bigger screen to a bigger body will only drive that price up even further.

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