John Cena’s miniskirt makeover & Sam Smith’s latex bodysuit join forces to slay the internet to pieces

John Cena’s miniskirt makeover & Sam Smith’s latex bodysuit join forces to slay the internet to pieces

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Since your social media feeds have probably been completely hijacked by Rihanna’s gag baby announcement Super Bowl Concertyou may have missed the fashion armageddon that erupted due to the stylistic choices of two non-football celebrities over the weekend.

John Cena and Sam Smith aren’t two names that are often associated, but their most recent outbursts have managed to agitate the online pop gen in varying degrees of outrage, alliance and comedy.

First on the cyber trail is professional wrestler-turned-action-comedy star John Cena. The 45-year-old has made a career out of showing off his bulging muscles in skin-tight t-shirts and denim shorts in WWE, but it’s a film role that allows him to fully indulge his feminine side.

Cena was spotted wearing a plaid miniskirt, thigh-high stockings and heeled boots on the Australian set of his new comedy Ricky Stanicky. We didn’t think he had it!

The sight of what some might consider the epitome of male energy has definitely made a lot of people feel in different ways.

There were those who gave Cena two shots for defying gender norms – even if it was just for one role.

While others have chosen to lean into toxic masculinity and shame it into simply wearing the required attire for the current scene. You know, like actors are supposed to.

“Is John Cena now a they/them or just likes to humble himself?” tweeted former U FC/MMA fighter Jake Shields.

The vitriol got so bad that one of Cena’s fan accounts had to speak out to counter the negativity.

“The number of angry men in my Instagram comments after seeing John wearing a skirt and heels is very telling,” writes JohnCenaCrews. “1. Stop projecting your fragile masculinity onto this man. 2. It’s for a movie, calm down. 3. There’s nothing wrong with a man wearing a skirt and heels. Growing up .”

While Cena isn’t normally known for making headlines for his sartorial choices, Sam Smith has become quite well known for his lewd fearlessness.

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After outfits that steal the stage at The GrammysIn their ‘I’m Not Here to Make Friends’ video and bondage-themed photoshoot, Smith stole the show again at the Brit Awards on Saturday by hitting the red carpet in an inflatable latex bodysuit by the London clothing designer for men Harri.

The bulky ensemble bordered on fetish clothing and had a lot of balloon animal comparisons, a scene out of this world. The Incrediblesand a Rorschach test, among others.

Some even included sound effects to give it more pop.

Others defended Smith for taking risks and being a galvanizing force.

Despite some jokes and hate, the fashion-forward outfit designer explained how their intention was to showcase the beauty of being yourself.

“Sam had a lot of hateful comments recently after ‘Unholy’ about (their) body image,” Harri told the PA. “I wanted to create an image that people have never seen Sam in.” While that may be true, there truly is a meme for everything!

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