Roxy Jacenko's $42,000 'Experiment' Sparks Furious Debate: 'Insanity'

Roxy Jacenko’s $42,000 ‘Experiment’ Sparks Furious Debate: ‘Insanity’

Roxy Jacenko divided Australians after announcing his latest business venture. The PR pro, who catapulted his daughter Pixie to social media fame, is offering a $42,664 ‘Exclusive Mastermind Experience’ to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

The course lasts eight months and the SAS star is offering a discount of $2,664 for those who choose to pay in full upfront. The influencer only accepts 16 students for her “intensive and inspiring coaching”, offering herself and 15 other entrepreneurs as mentors.

Roxy Jacenko at an event

Roxy Jacenko has come under fire for her latest career move. Photo: Getty

Participants will also receive two live sessions per month, email support from Roxy, tips, tricks, resources and more. However, those interested will have to apply and be chosen by the businesswoman, who is looking for “smart and influential entrepreneurs”.

After her lesson plan was shared on a popular Instagram account AU Influencer Updatesmany criticized the exorbitant price in the comments.


“I don’t know who she is but if I had $42k spare I wouldn’t spend it on a Mastermind course lol,” one person wrote.

“It’s someone’s full annual income. What the real f**k,” exclaimed another.

Screenshot of Roxy Jacenko's Mastermind website

The PR queen offers her services as a coach and mentor. Photo:

“Damn who would pay for this? Absolute madness,” a third added.

“Roxy doesn’t have the ability to advise anyone for $5,000 a month. Be serious,” another remarked.

However, some people have defended the mum-of-two’s journey, calling Roxy “scholarly and successful”.

“There are a lot of good business coaches/consultants out there! It’s been ages since you’ve been paying for advice from someone to help you grow your business. People have coaches to achieve peak performance in sports etc. “, pointed out a fan.

“Take advice from people you admire and respect and I would 100% take business advice from someone as savvy and successful as Roxy,” another said.

“It’s not for ‘everyone’, it’s for business people who want to take their business/product to the next level. I would say it’s a small investment for a big reward. Haven’t people seen the success of brands under his PR company? I would definitely if I had a product to launch etc. “replied a third.

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