Siemens Gamesa Will Build A Huge Offshore Wind Nacelle Factory in New York State

Siemens Games has announced that it will build a large offshore wind nacelle factory in New York State, as reported by Electrek.

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An aerial view of the Siemens Gamesa offshore blade factory on the banks of the River Humber in Hull, north east England, October 11, 2021.

The plant will be located at the Port of Coeymans, a relatively new marine terminal on the Hudson River. It will result in an investment of $500 million in the region, creating direct and indirect jobs.

Siemens Gamesa wants locate some new component supplier installations, such as the manufacture of steel components, bearings and composite components, which will help develop a local supply chain. This also marks their second announced factory in the United States. The first is an offshore wind turbine blade finishing facility in Portsmouth, Virginia.

A major step forward

The proposed facility in New York is a significant step forward in the company’s desire to dominate the US offshore wind market. It is also building on its success in establishing major manufacturing facilities in markets with stable frameworks to meet the growing demand for offshore wind.

The facility is also designed with potential expansion capacity to ensure long-term development. This further reinforces their commitment and strategic plans for manufacturing and job creation in the United States.

This is part of the company’s integrated plan to locate its offshore wind power supply chain on the US East Coast.

Siemens Gamesa is currently in progress delisted by Siemens Energyits parent company, as part of efforts to fully integrate the division and address operating issues that have impacted their earnings.

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The US renewable energy market

It’s no surprise that more renewable energy projects are coming to the United States. As the world’s second-largest renewable energy market after China, the government’s Inflation Reduction Act continues to attract project developers and equipment manufacturers.

Siemens Gamesa’s localized supply chain strategy is part of a broader effort to capitalize on the US renewable energy market. By having a localized supply chain, Siemens Gamesa can reduce shipping and assembly costs and utilize local expertise. This helps them to be more competitive in the US renewable energy market.

In addition, they can better leverage America’s vast network of skilled workers, technicians and engineers. Additionally, they can also benefit from the advanced infrastructure and regulatory environment of the United States.

The company has invested heavily in scanning technologies that have allowed them to streamline operations and reduce costs while increasing efficiency. This enables Siemens Gamesa to provide its customers with more cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Additionally, they are actively working on improving the storage capacity of their turbines so that they can better capture energy from fluctuating weather conditions like strong winds or cloudy days – a key factor in harnessing sources of renewable energy efficiently and reliably over time.

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