Microsoft Bing on phone

You’d only consider switching to Bing for these reasons

Microsoft Bing on phone

Hadlee Simons/Android Authority

Bing has gained a negative reputation over the years as many people (rightly or not) view it as a bad alternative to Google. However, Android Authority colleague Calvin Wankhede recently revealed that he was using Bing because he was paid to do so through Microsoft Rewards.

This got us wondering if readers would be willing to switch to Bing, and we posted that question in Calvin’s article. So now that a few days have passed, here are the results.

Would you consider switching to Bing?


It was a popular poll, racking up over 2,200 votes at the time of writing. Turns out the most popular option was “only because of ChatGPT integration”, counting for one third of all votes.

Meanwhile, 29.8% of readers surveyed said they would only switch to Bing if they were paid. This effectively echoes the reason Calvin switched to Microsoft’s search engine.

Alternatively, 23.7% said they would actually switch to Bing without needing ChatGPT or payment. Finally, 13.2% of readers surveyed said they would not switch to Bing at all.

Still, it’s interesting to see that 86.8% of respondents are ready to switch to Bing in some form or another. But it’s also worth noting that 63.1% of readers surveyed need compensation or a potentially game-changing feature like ChatGPT integration to jump on the Bing train.


  • PhoenixWitti“Hmm…can’t get to this page” is all I’ve ever seen in Bing. It’s horrible.
  • rrwards: Your poll missed the best choice lol. “No, I won’t change, but I will be doing daily binging activities for 3 minutes a day while I’m on the bathroom at work”
  • SethNW: No, because 10-20USD per month is not enough for me to consider changing. Especially when it does, if I max out my points.
  • Albin: Funnily enough, I have more privacy concerns about Bing than Google, in that I have compartmentalized Google/Android usage under a nonsensical Gmail identity, while my Microsoft account is with the real id credit card “me” and MS is clearly moving towards commoditizing user data.
  • BaritoneGuy: I have been using Bing for years. Whatever the engine, it’s all about creating search demand. I almost always get what I’m looking for in the first four results. Most of the time it’s the first one. I do my best to avoid the Google ecosystem. They are first and foremost an advertising agency. If there was a viable alternative in the Android world without Google always lurking in the background, I’d probably head there because I find some things about Apple frustrating.

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