Bron Breakker lands ex-WWE Champion as his NXT challenger

Bron Breakker lands ex-WWE Champion as his NXT challenger

Bron Breaker is more or less ready for a game with Carmelo Hayes To Stand up and deliver WrestleMania weekend. Now sure, technicallysomething interesting could happen, like Paul “Triple H” Levesque kicking the match against the main Wrestle Mania 39 card in order to put the “Second Generation Steiner” and the “A-Champ” in front of more eyes ahead of their eventual main roster elevations, or another star might emerge who beats Hayes to earn Breakker a chance instead, but in all likelihood, Melo will try his luck at “Top Dawg” in NXTand he better not miss, otherwise he will be sent to the back of the line and forced to feud with Shawn Michaels a la Grayson Waller.

Still, that doesn’t mean Breakker couldn’t wrestle a few more bodies before his big showcase, does it? I mean, Wrestle Mania 39 The weekend is around six weeks away, so why not give the 25-year-old star a few more matches to prepare for his showpiece match?

Luckily for Breakker, such a challenger has emerged, and that opponent happens to be a former WWE Champion who is in NXT to help manage one of the most physically imposing teams on the entire WWE roster, Indus Sher.

Bron Breakker has his popularity tested by the Maharaja.

Standing in the ring with the NXT World Championship on his shoulder, Breakker began talking about his future in NXT and who he will face next before none other than Jinder Mahal, flanked by Veer Mahaan and Sanga, emerged to talk. turkey, you know, from one champion to another.

“For an entire year you’ve held NXT on your back, you’re NXT, you’re the whole brand,” Mahal said. “But I know very well the weight you carry on your shoulder. Now Bron, I know very well the stress of the next challenger, the stress of keeping his championship. But not only that, I completely understand all the media, all the appearances, the late nights, the early mornings, the lifestyle that comes with being the man, the champion. As former WWE Champion to current NXT Champion, is this the title race you envision? Is this what you dreamed of? Is this what you thought was champion?

“You’re straight, what the hell are you talking about?” Breakker asked.

“For almost a year you have been the NXT Champion,” Mahal replied. “But you must be deaf if you can’t hear that little pocket of fans that once loved you, but now they’re changing their tune. And that’s okay Bron, I know better than anyone that you either die a hero or become the mean one.

“You know what? Fans are allowed to have their opinions, they can say whatever they want,” Breakker replied.

“That’s exactly why I’m here, because of this comment, because of this arrogance,” Mahal said. “The fact that you can’t recognize what’s going on around you, that you can’t recognize that the tides are changing. You cannot recognize the fact that you are tired, that you are vulnerable, that you are weak. And that’s why I’m challenging you to a match next week for this championship.

“It’s fine with me, Jinder, I’m a simple guy,” Breakker said. “You don’t have to come here, waste everyone’s time with what, the new 3-Man Band here?” Which one of you plays the guitar, huh? »

“Relax, everyone, relax,” Mahal said. “Bron, these people don’t like you. And I know why you said the 3MB comment is so they encourage you. It’s up to them to love you, but after winning this championship, they still won’t love you. They won’t even feel bad for you. But don’t worry, Bron, the Maharaja will.

Well, here it is, friends; Breakker’s next match is set, his next opponent has been booked, and while Hayes feels somewhat offended at being put online, a sentiment he shared with Trick Williams after his segment with Ilja Dragunov, he It’s hard to imagine that Mahal will. become the 28th NXT World Champion, so, it’s all right. Still, having worked extensively against developmental talent in his first year or so in NXT, it will be interesting to see how Breakker compares to Mahal, who has been struggling since his opponent was in elementary school. Like Tommaso Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews before him, perhaps Mahal can bring something new to Breakker that could prove useful down the line.

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