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New Hogwarts Legacy patch updates revealed

Avalanche Software has announced a new patch for its best-selling Harry Potter– Themed RPG Hogwarts Legacy. This patch aims to fix several bugs in addition to improving the game’s performance and stability. It also implements some improvements when it comes to online connectivity. At this time, this patch applies exclusively to the PC and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. Chandler Wood, Avalanche Software’s community manager, the developers will try to add the patch to the PlayStation 5 version later this week. You can find the full list of patch notes here.

Just over half of the changes included in the patch apply to both PC and Xbox Series X/S. The main web-related fix addresses “issues with correctly transferring achievement data to the Wizarding World portal after linking”. As far as gameplay-related fixes go, a significant change is that receiving mail will still activate the mission associated with it as intended. Another fix removes a rare crash that can occur at specific locations where world events can spawn.

Additionally, the patch fixes two NPC-related crashes. Such a crash would occasionally occur when NPCs respawned in the game world, while another would trigger based on specific NPC schedules.

Is the Hogwarts Legacy patch includes system-related fixes?

As for system-related fixes, the one for Xbox “improved crash collection to help hunt down rare crashes.” The vast majority of system-related fixes apply specifically to the PC version. One of these fixes improves cutscenes so that audio plays as expected without skipping or other issues. Another change fixes the stretching of some world assets, which in turn fixes a few bugs reported by players. Wood also mentions in his tweet that the patch should improve performance.

THE Hogwarts Legacy The patch fixes plenty of other issues on top of that, though those hoping for a full PS5 DualSense support will have to wait.

Due to comments about transgender people that Harry Potter JK Rowling has made in recent years, Hogwarts Legacy has become the subject of significant controversy. Developer says Rowling didn’t get directly involved with the development of the game, and the game itself includes the option of create transgender characters. But as others have noted, Rowling’s status as the owner of Harry Potter’s intellectual property means she will benefit from the success of the game. If you don’t feel comfortable buying Hogwarts Legacy , you can buy an itch.io pack for either $60 or $10 including various magic-themed games and other works by LGBTQ+ creators.

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