Think twice before updating your Samsung phone to One UI 5.1

Think twice before updating your Samsung phone to One UI 5.1

Samsung released the OneUI 5.1 update based on Android 13 earlier this month, adding a bunch of new features and optimizing the software to a good extent. I’ve had a smooth experience so far on my Galaxy S23 Ultrabut there are a number of Samsung users who have persistent issues with the latest software update.

Notably, most of the bugs and quirks we’ve spotted so far on the official site Samsung Community ForumTwitter and Reddit have been restricted to Galaxy S22 series phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 held in hand.
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The most common issue that Galaxy S22 users have raised online is battery drain. Now, feature updates often end up disrupting battery optimization algorithms, resulting in higher than normal battery consumption, even when the device is idle. One UI 5.1 happens to be one of those updates, and so far we haven’t heard of an official fix from Samsung.

Color palette not working normally after One UI 5.1 update on my Galaxy S22 Ultra

— Alvin (@sondesix) February 15, 2023

If your Samsung phone is aggressively sucking battery juice and giving you a headache, try some of the temporary solutions listed below until a fix arrives:

  1. Activate dark mode. When your phone is a little too hungry for battery consumption, every unit of power per pixel counts.
  2. It’s also a good idea to enable auto-brightness mode. I know I know. When you have one of the brightest OLED screens in your hands, why keep it dim? But from my own personal experience, I can confidently tell you that the auto-brightness mode really helps save battery juice.
  3. Enable power saving mode. Samsung offers a healthy set of battery behavior tuning tools in the Settings apps. In the Energy saving controls, you get granular controls over selectively enabling/disabling always-on display mode, limiting CPU usage to 70%, by slightly decreasing the screen brightness output by 10% and controlling the behavior of the app.
  4. By activating the Limit apps and home screen behavior toggle, background app activity is suppressed, edge panel activity is disabled, and the theme automatically defaults to dark mode.
  5. Another tool that works is Adaptive batterywhich automatically adjusts resource allocation and battery consumption based on your smartphone usage habits.

In addition to unusually high battery drain after installing the One UI 5.1 update, some Galaxy S22 users are reporting issues with the Material You theme on their phone, which appears to be out of sync in some sections of the phone. ‘user interface. For example, as you can see in the pictures share by a user on Reddit, the volume slider doesn’t have the same color theme as the rest of the UI elements.

Another concerning complaint we encountered is a broken back gesture system. Usually, when users swipe in from either edge of the screen, it serves as a back gesture that takes them back to the previous page of an app. A Galaxy S21 Plus user even shared a video on Reddit highlighting the problem.

A notable omission of the update is the subject selection tool in the gallery app, which Samsung borrowed from Apple. One UI 5.1 was supposed to bring the feature to Samsung phones, but it hasn’t happened yet. The feature lets you select any object in an image, extract it with a clear crop, and paste it somewhere else.

There are a few other bugs, such as slow lens switching in the camera app and general stutters. Finally, we also noticed that users were complaining about Bixby routines causing issues. If you haven’t updated your Galaxy S22 to One UI 5.1 yet, we suggest avoiding it until Samsung acknowledges these issues and releases a fix. However, if you have already installed it, try to avoid a software version rollback if you have never done so.

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